Getting Your Security Deposit Back From Your New Jersey Landlord

One of the most common issues that tenants face at the end of their lease is getting back their security deposit from their landlord. Unfortunately, some tenants do not pursue the return of the security deposit. Usually, this is because these tenants do not know their rights.

In general, landlords in New Jersey must return a tenant’s security deposit with interest within 30 days from the time that the tenant moves out of the property. The landlord is entitled to deduct any rent you owe and may be entitled to deduct the charges for the repair of damages to the property that you may have caused. If any such deductions are made, the landlord must provide you with a list of all deductions.

When landlords have failed in their duty to return a tenant’s security deposit within 30 days, the landlord tenant lawyers at The Cintron Firm have been able to successfully file suit against landlords for the return of the security deposit. Mark J. Cintron has helped numerous tenants recover double the amount of their security deposit from the landlord along with interest. In some instances, Mark Cintron has also been able to recover attorney’s fees for the tenant.

If you have not received your security deposit and you have been waiting more than 30 days, please contact The Cintron Firm with offices in Ridgefield Park, New Brunswick, Montclair, and Hackensack.