Practical Legal Advice for the Problems of Real People

Landlord-Tenant disputes can mean high stress for you and your family. For landlords, it can mean a loss of income when the tenant fails to pay rent. For tenants, it can mean being displaced with nowhere to go. Our law firm is proud of our ability to help you through the practical and emotional problems that can come up while you are deciding your best course of action to deal with your particular situation.

Our firm’s managing partner, Mark J. Cintron, has established his own law firm after several years as the managing partner at another practice. He brings with him extensive experience as a trial lawyer. Most importantly, Mark brings with him a deep understanding of what people need from their attorney — a commitment to service, ready access to advice when you need it, and an ability to relate to you and expand your practical options for achieving a particular goal.

At The Cintron Firm, our work focuses on the needs of everyday people. In our experience, few of our clients have ever worked with a lawyer before, and some people are not even sure that they need a lawyer to help them resolve a matter.

We do not believe in cookie-cutter legal strategies. For each of our cases, we take time to consult with you, collect evidence, perform legal research and fully prepare for your day in court. While the right strategy for one of our clients may be a settlement, the right strategy for another client may be a court battle. No matter the case, we strive to minimize the risk to the person we are representing. Our goal is to deliver the best results possible. We do so through personal service and professional representation.