Evictions in Hudson County Landlord Tenant Court

If you are a New Jersey landlord seeking the eviction of a tenant, you should consult an attorney so that you get the eviction right the first time. Landlord-Tenant laws can be complicated because there are certain guidelines that must be followed prior to seeking an eviction in Landlord-Tenant Court. If you fail to follow those guidelines, your eviction case can be dismissed.

One of the biggest mistakes made by New Jersey landlords who try to obtain an eviction without a lawyer is that they file it in the wrong Court. For example, one of our clients filed an eviction Complaint in Passaic County Landlord-Tenant Court because he lives in Passaic County. However, the property where the tenant lived was in Hudson County. Since the New Jersey landlord did not file the Complaint in Hudson County Landlord-Tenant Court, the case was dismissed. As a result, he landlord was not able to get the Court to order an eviction.

If you want to evict a tenant in New Jersey, Landlord-Tenant laws in New Jersey require that you file the Complaint in the County in which the property is located. So, if your tenant lives in your property in Jersey City, North Bergen, Union City, Hoboken, or any other town within Hudson County, the Complaint must be filed in Hudson County Superior Court. The Landlord-Tenant Court in Hudson County is located at 595 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey.

There are many other technicalities within Landlord-Tenant laws that can delay an eviction, or even result in the dismissal of your eviction case. For this reason, it is always worth seeking the advice of an attorney prior to going to Court alone. If you are a landlord who is seeking the eviction of a tenant in Hudson County, please feel free to contact our offices at 201-791-1333 to set up a consultation.