Representing New Jersey Landlords in NJ Superior Court

Perhaps the most important aspect of any landlord-tenant arrangement is the lease agreement. At The Cintron Firm, we assist New Jersey landlords in preparing lease agreements for their tenants. In drafting lease agreements, we aim to make sure that landlords include provisions in their lease to protect themselves in the event that a problem arises with a New Jersey tenant. Among other things, we recommend to landlords that the following information be included in a lease:

  • The lease term and payment
  • A reasonable security deposit
  • A provision for charges when rent is late
  • A provision for reasonable attorney’s fees if litigation is necessary
  • Provisions allowing the landlord access in the event that repairs have to be made
  • Provisions terminating the lease if there is a condemnation or fire
  • Reasonable rules and regulations

At The Cintron Firm, we want to make sure that landlords understand their responsibilities under New Jersey law. A lease agreement is just the start. New Jersey landlords are also required to furnish certain documents to tenants at the commencement of a tenancy. The landlord’s failure to supply these documents exposes the New Jersey landlord to penalties under New Jersey laws. As our client, we will work with you to ensure that you are in compliance with existing law.

Mark J. Cintron also assists landlords with problems that occur with tenants during the tenancy. If a tenant has failed to pay rent, has paid rent consistently late, or has not complied with the rules and regulations under the lease, you may need to seek an eviction. In no case, can a landlord take it upon himself to lock out a tenant. In addition, in most cases, certain notices must be provided to a tenant before seeking eviction. If these notices are not provided to a tenant and a complaint is filed, the eviction complaint can be dismissed by the court.

The lawyers at The Cintron Firm are experienced trial lawyers who have tried many cases in New Jersey Landlord Tenant Courts in Bergen County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Union County, Morris County, Hudson County and Passaic County. We draft all necessary documents to start a lawsuit, including any required notices to the tenant, and we represent you through each and every proceeding. Simply, we prepare your case for trial — whether or not we anticipate that the case will be resolved before trial.

If you are a New Jersey landlord and have a tenancy issue, contact us at 201-791-1333 or simply fill out the contact form on this page. We will be happy to assist you.